Top 5 Features Of The New Savant App

As a manufacturer of industry leading residential control systems, Savant has made big strides with the release of it's new app, simply called "Savant." While It doesn't appear that the new app will replace Savant's older offering "TruControl II," it will definitely make adopting a Savant control system much easier and user friendly. With a near perfect rating on the iOS app store, and added android support, the new Savant app offers an impressive list of new features. Here are five of our favorites at Realm.

5: Remote Access

Remote access isn't anything new, but is the cornerstone of any decent home automation system.  Controlling devices directly in front of you is nice, but issuing commands from anywhere in the world adds another level of convenience, customization, and power. Remote access in the new Savant app has been updated to be user login based. This means that after a user account is created with Savant and linked with a control system, remote access is immediately available (90 day trial included). Gone are the days of network wizardry and complicated port forwards. Because remote access is only useful when it performs consistently, Savant has eliminated a lot of the existing points of failure and streamlined the login process. Once you have provided Savant with your email address and password, controlling your system while away from home is easy and automatic. An added benefit is the ability to share your system with multiple user accounts. Have someone that you want to be able to keep tabs on your system? (Hint: think Realm.) Add their Savant login as an authorized user of your system and they'll be able to view or control it from anywhere.

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Product Spotlight: Seura TV Mirrors

Ah, the television.  America’s long lasting love affair with the “small screen” is stronger than ever, and with the advent of  LED TVs the screens really aren’t that small anymore. Over time, prices have fallen as technology has improved, making big 65” televisions the norm in family rooms.  But, as any interior designer will tell you, there is a catch.  No matter how thin the television, how narrow the bezel, how flushly wall-mounted, or how beautiful the image, you’re still hanging a big, black box on the wall.

A Wisconsin based company, Seura, brings hope.  Seura produces beautiful, mirrored televisions in all shapes and sizes, winning the hearts and minds of TV buffs and decorators alike.  When powered off, A Seura screen is indistinguishable from a mirror. But when the television is turned on, a brilliant LED television picture shines through. Seura also offers a wide array of frames to match any decor, and custom frames can be used as well.  

TV Art

Seura mirror televisions aren’t just for Living Rooms or Bedrooms.  Their product offerings range from bathrooms, to kitchens, and even outdoors.  Check out their website,, for more information and come down to Realm to see our 55” Seura TV on display in our “Invisible Room”. Realm is an authorized Seura TV seller, installer, and integrator.

In the bedroom...

...Or the bath.

More on motorized window treatments...

The Lutron Coulisse Collection is amazing.   Lutron added over 700 Coulisse fabric options into their world of automated window treatments.  A total game changer for those are used to only seeing PVC solar shades and a few sheer options.  

With the additional range of Coulisse selections -- from super luxe Venetian blinds to clean and modern XL pleated blinds and honeycombs, to super chic sheers and blackout roller shades -- controlling sunlight just got really fun.

We are thrilled to be carrying the four collections introduced by Lutron and Coulisse.  It is a delightful merger of technology and design.   It is easy to achieve great design in a space with the quality and diverse collection of Coulisse fabrics, while keeping the quiet, reliable, highly functional motors of Lutron’s shading solutions. 

Coulisse Dining Room 

Coulisse Dining Room 

Coulisse Bedroom 

Coulisse Bedroom 

Fabrics are able to be viewed online at  (Just an FYI: each fabric pops up on the first screen as the white or neutral option. Within each group there are colors upon colors to click on.)  Have fun exploring...

Coulisse Living Room

Coulisse Living Room

If you would like to see the collection in person give us a call we would be happy to have you visit our space or to come visit you.

Simply control your sunlight...

Take advantage of the summer sun while you still can!  Yes, you can channel your inner Helios* and control the sunlight in your home.

QMotion Shades and Lutron both have options to set shades to open and close at preprogrammed times.  Setting your location allows shades to open and close with sunrise and sunset.   Or, have window treatments close automatically too prevent your favorite furnishings and rugs from fading while the afternoon sun streams in the windows.  Also, make sure your afternoon nap is as long as you want it to be...set the windows to stay closed until you open them. 

Visit us at 140 Water Street to see the shades in action. 

*Helios, Greek mythology character that drove the sun chariot....just what I recall from  Edith Hamilton’s Mythology from high school.


QMotion Shades via Pinterest:

QMotion Shades via Pinterest:

Lutron shades via Pinterest

Lutron shades via Pinterest

Savant Video Tiling

Realm recently deployed one of the country's first Savant SmartView Video Tiling Systems at our design center at 140 Water St. in South Norwalk.  This exciting new technology allows a single display to display up to nine HD video sources with a 'slick viewing experience controlled and personalized through the power of Savant's TrueControl iPad app.'